Rinascente Launches Its WeChat On Demand Service

Following the success of On Demand – the instant messaging service used to search for the products requested by customers in the Milan flagship store and have them delivered anywhere they want – Rinascente presents WeChat On Demand.

The aim is to extend the company’s personal concierge service, which was launched almost a year ago on the WhatsApp channel, to the WeChat platform, with a billion active users per month in China, 83% of whom shop online.

“Our foreign customers account for about 50% of Rinascente’s total revenues. In particular, our Chinese customers lead our Top Nationalities ranking. Their average spend amounts to around 250 € and continues to grow: in the first half of the year alone, we’ve processed more than 275 thousand transactions. Repositioning our Department Store towards affordable luxury has enriched and diversified our customer portfolio. The introduction of WeChat On Demand demonstrates how Rinascente is not only a place that offers a unique and gratifying shopping experience, but also a company committed to meeting the needs of all its target markets, surpassing expectations on a daily basis,” said Rinascente’s CEO Pierluigi Cocchini.

The new service works in the same way as On Demand: yet, while WhatsApp is used by Customers to send requests and receive information to make their purchase, WeChat offers an additional extra dimension. In fact, it is also used by Rinascente to share information and promotions. The service is another step forward towards a multi-channel relation to integrate the interaction with Customers, using all available physical and digital touchpoints.

Digital Retex is a partner in the project, a trusted partner of Tencent (the Chinese group that is a global leader in digital innovation, launching WeChat in 2011), that develops and manages all the actions required to implement successful digital experiences online and in stores, and introduce European brands to China, harnessing the potential of the platform.

The new service is being rolled out on line via a digital engagement program, and in the store with totem touch screens and QRcodes. Six 6 native Chinese concierges are ready to help customers during the on-boarding in the store.

“WeChat On Demand opens up a whole world of new opportunities for the major brands in the fashion and luxury world”, says Andrea Ghizzoni, European Director of Tencent-WeChat. “It is a great honour for me to witness the birth of new, promising initiatives promoted by such highly qualified partners.”

Giving far-away customers the possibility to access its exclusive offers at any time is a tremendous opportunity for Rinascente, and confirms the company’s desire to enhance its customer care service and expand its international horizons.

Source: Rinascente 

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