Ogury’s new study highlights the dating app usage from around the world

In a revolutionary time where our smartphones are a way of life, they also are becoming a way of love connections. Technology has really changed the standard for introductions and finding people. Tinder recently coming out as the top grossing app in the App Store is proof of this.

Whether someone is currently on the dating scene to find a life partner or just for fun, real human connection is still something we all want and more and more people are using a dating app.

Ogury, the mobile data platform, shows the conclusions of their study drawing up and inventory of dating app usage around the world.

This study focuses on a sample of more than six million mobile user profiles in the US, UK, France, Italy and Spain between January and June 2017. In each county, the same proportion of men and women were studied.

Here are the key highlights of the study:

Source: MarComm News

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