Fyber integrates data to enable publishers to sell high-demand audiences at premium prices

Fyber, a programmatic trading technology platform, announced that it has enriched its data-driven segmentation platform, Audience Vault, with demographic, interest and audience data from the Nielsen Marketing Cloud, location data for offline activities from PlaceIQ, and mobile app audience measurements from Mobilewalla. This information is automatically imported into Audience Vault, enabling publishers to create custom packages made up of their most lucrative audiences and make them available programmatically to their advertising partners. Because Audience Vault includes data from various leading DMPs, publishers gain audience insights across a larger proportion of their user bases.

With this additional data, Audience Vault provides publishers with insights about consumers that are essential in determining their inventory’s true value. These insights include-but are not limited to-shopping habits, brand affinity, demographics, lifetime value, and app usage. Without Audience Vault, publishers are forced to rely on data scientists and multiple separate data integrations, which can become very costly and result in unreliable data.

Fyber partnered with Ooma, Inc., a smart communications platform for small businesses and consumers, to monetize their Talkatone mobile VoIP calls app. As a beta partner, they were one of the first to adopt Audience Vault as a way to sell audiences rather than impressions. “With Audience Vault, we are able to understand with a new level of granularity information about a meaningful portion of our MAUs,” said Ryan Kluft, VP of Corporate development and head of mobile advertising at Ooma. “We can now make smarter monetization decisions, for example whom to target with our premium subscription offerings.”

Audience Vault imports audience data from Nielsen Marketing Cloud, PlaceIQ, and Mobilewalla, which is then combined with the publisher’s first-party data, and Fyber’s auction and engagement data-such as video completion rates, click-through rates, bid depth, etc. Using Audience Vault, publishers can now immediately see the eCPM values of their audiences in the open marketplace, enable rich multi -dimensional segmentation, create PMPs, and change pricing-all from one console.

“We are supporting the idea that more bid data needs to be shared between publishers and DSPs,” said Roni Anavi-Fass, VP of Product at Fyber. “Inventory has become increasingly multi-dimensional and it is important for both parties to understand why the other is buying or selling an impression. We are confident that by sharing data through the Audience Vault, publishers will benefit at least as much as DSPs who leverage this same data for their own targeting.”

These data-driven insights improve the efficiency of the entire ad ecosystem by enabling advertisers to target users more effectively. Using Audience Vault, publishers can stream impression opportunities that advertisers care about most, thereby becoming preferred suppliers for buyers.

Source: Fyber

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