Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR gets smarter by adding Cuebiq’s real-time mobile analytics

Clear Channel Outdoor Americas (CCOA) announced the evolution of its RADAR suite of Out-of-Home (OOH) advanced advertising platform with the addition of Cuebiq’s location intelligence and attribution solutions, which leverage the largest source of accurate location data in the US The new agreement enables CCO RADAR to tap into Cuebiq’s location insights and footfall attribution analysis, based on aggregated and anonymized mobile location data, to identify audiences exposed to CCOA’s printed and digital billboards.

These additional insights, via Cuebiq’s privacy-compliant methodology, helps inform advertisers and media buyers how to most efficiently reach consumers and measure campaign performance based on real-world behaviour. This enhances CCO RADAR’s suite of solutions by offering advertisers access to more location data at scale and with more granularity and speed, including the ability to measure campaigns in smaller markets and from many local businesses.

Since February 2016, a diverse mix of national brands, ranging from QSR, beverage, retail, cable TV and automotive, have successfully used CCO RADAR to measure double digit lifts in the results driven by their OOH ad campaigns with CCOA.

As marketers engage with connected and highly-mobile consumers, adding these new location solutions to CCO RADAR provides brands with additional insights into consumers’ offline behaviours such as uplift in store visits, how long they spent at a location and brand affinities. Cuebiq’s proprietary technology, which spans tens of millions of mobile devices in the US, helps advertisers to better identify audience groups exposed to CCOA’s media.

24 Hour Fitness, a leading fitness industry pioneer with nearly four million members in more than 400 clubs across the US, recently tapped the new CCO RADAR capabilities to plan and measure the impact of its latest OOH campaigns. 24 Hour Fitness used Cuebiq’s accuracy and scale against CCOA’s OOH inventory in two markets to anonymously identify mobile IDs exposed to their OOH campaign.

CCO RADAR audience insights were used to identify the CCOA locations that most efficiently reached 24 Hour Fitness customers and non-customers. The company was then able to measure the lift in physical gym visits among customers exposed to the advertising. The exposed audiences showed a significant increase in guest traffic.

In addition, the combination of data accuracy, density and scale used for its footfall analysis allowed 24 Hour Fitness to review their results at an even more granular level, including how frequency of exposure affected visitation rates; dwell time of exposed devices; and by daily comparison of visitations between the exposed and control groups.

“The addition of Cuebiq to our growing list of respected and privacy compliant mobile data partners dramatically increases the scale of CCO RADAR insights,” said Andy Stevens, SVP, Research & Insights, Clear Channel Outdoor Americas.

“This means we can apply our analytics more quickly, with greater precision and in more markets than ever before, and it addresses advertisers’ greater demand for location analytics based on mobile users’ offline behaviour.”

“These enhanced RADAR data sets provided valuable insights that allowed us to quantify the impact of our OOH campaigns,” said Tom Lapcevic, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, 24 Hour Fitness. “We look forward to working with Clear Channel Outdoor Americas in the future to help us improve more lives through fitness.”

“We’re excited to partner with Clear Channel Outdoor Americas to bring our attribution, location intelligence and audience analysis solutions to advertisers’ OOH campaigns,” said Antonio Tomarchio, CEO, Cuebiq. “Our proprietary technology delivers higher data accuracy and data density per user at larger scale, providing advertisers actionable insights into consumers’ offline behaviours.”

Source: Clear Channel Outdoor

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