Tencent uses AI to put product placement ads into old movies

Chinese tech giant Tencent has partnered with UK based AI company, Mirraid for to place ads in old movies, such as coffee cups and bus posters.

Tencent, which owns social media platform WeChat, will test this out on its own video platform. However, if this experiment is successful, more video platforms might be eager to adopt the new tech.

Mirriad’s technology lets advertisers reach their target audience by integrating branded content (or ads) directly into movies and TV series. For example, if an actor is holding a coffee cup in a movie, this new API will enable Tencent to change that cup of coffee into a branded cup of coffee.

Stephan Beringer, CEO of Mirriad, said: “We are excited to partner with Tencent to bring this new ad format to advertisers in China. Our ambition is to partner with the biggest broadcasters and digital platforms around the world to create new in-video inventory that helps advertisers connect with engaged audiences.”

Source: Net Imperative

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