New Study Indicates People are Most Receptive to Ads in Mobile Games

A study conducted by mobile video advertising platform Jun Group found that both men and women prefer gaming apps over all other app categories, since gaming apps provide them with the best ad experiences.

The results of the study, which polled US audiences across app categories and ages, speak to the rising number of people who play mobile casual games (MOCAs). The study also sheds light on when people feel most receptive to brand messages.

According to the study, 81% of respondents said they were most receptive to ads when “relaxed” and “happy.” Within mobile games specifically, respondents reported feeling “relaxed” more than any other emotional state.

Respondents also reported that their preferred ad placement was value exchange (a.k.a. rewarded ads) by an over 4:1 margin. With value exchange placements, people opt-in to unlock entertainment, points, or other digital content for engaging with a brand advertisement.

“People don’t like interruptive digital ads, and they are increasingly empowered to avoid them,” said Mitchell Reichgut, CEO of Jun Group. “Non-interruptive, opt-in ads are therefore more popular and much more powerful. Mobile casual games are the perfect place to run these ads because they’re safe, scalable, and micro-targeted.”

The study also revealed that respondents overwhelmingly preferred ad-supported apps over paid apps, 82% versus 18%. Respondents across all age groups chose gaming apps to be the most “engaging” app category. The exception was among the 65+ age group, where games were tied equally with news apps.

See full study here.

Source: Jun Group

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