Y&R develop an AR app for Switzerland’s biggest retailer, Migros

Switzerland’s largest retail company Migros looks to usher in the revolutionary future of shopping with the new augmented reality (AR) function of their app called ‘Discover’.

It uses the smartphone camera to identity unique features on the product packaging and match them with the product database.

As soon as a product has been “discovered”, the product name appears on the smartphone screen together with options and information available in connection with the product, such as suitable recipes or ratings.

Discover has a feedback mechanism that enables the user experience to be constantly optimised.

Discover for iOS and Android, as well as the related back-end infrastructure for image editing and sample identification, was implemented by Futurecom interactive (part of Y&R Group Switzerland) using state-of-the-art technology, including Apple’s new programming language Swift and Microsoft’s new open-source framework ASP.NET Core. In addition to this, essential system components function in the cloud.

Alongside the development and implementation of the Discover function, Y&R Group Switzerland is also responsible for accompanying communication measures aimed at introducing Migros customers to Discover.

Source: Y&R Group Switzerland

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