YOC’s accelerated growth in UK programmatic sales results in group revenue increase of 20%

YOC AG has announced an increase in revenue of 20% to € 14.4M (2016: € 12.0M) for year-end 2017. Furthermore, the group’s gross profit margin was increased to 39% (2016: 37%). The YOC Group was able to maintain a stable fixed costs structure at previous year’s level thanks to its scalable processes.

With an increase of around 70% of the total revenue (2016: 20%) of the programmatic business (automated sale via interacting trading systems in real time), the UK market was an important contributor to the group`s success. As a result the YOC Group financial statement shows an adjusted EBITDA of € +0.3M for the year 2017 (2016: € -1.0M).

Sebastian Bauermann, Finance Director at YOC AG: said: “The increased demand for our internally developed ad tech products has lead to an uplift in sales which has contributed to the overall revenue figure. However, the biggest contribution has come from increased sales in the UK, which have risen by 34%.”

Oliver Gold, UK Managing Director, explains: “YOC UK realised extraordinary growth during 2017, largely due to increased demand for our programmatic products and services. I am extremely proud of our local team, who with dogged determination successfully drove 34% annual growth during 2017. I expect this trend to continue throughout 2018 with the launch of VIS.X – our new proprietary rich media SSP. VIS.X has already transformed programmatic capabilities across the group. Hence YOC remains well placed to capitalise on the ever-growing shift towards programmatic, as we continue to innovate and execute against our strategic product development roadmap.”

Source: YOC

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