Vibrant Media launch new app-free augmented reality platform

Vibrant Media has launched a new augmented reality (AR) content format and distribution service for Android phones that opens up a new channel for brands.

Vibrant AR uses just the Chrome mobile browser and no other app, up to 390 million unique users per month will now be able to augment their view of themselves and the real world around them.

Android camera-phone and tablet users to trigger AR content whilst browsing the brand safe and contextually relevant editorial content of over 6600 premium publications.

Vibrant AR enables consumers to picture themselves in brands’ clothes, accessories and make-up; scan real world objects to find information on current or competitor products; play AR games or follow stories with branded characters; explore a branded view of their immediate environment, and more.

Vibrant AR is the second new format launched in pursuit of Vibrant Media’s new “insperience marketing”approach to brand communications.

‘Insperiences’ are app-free, immersive brand communications. They transform consumers from passive viewers into active participants using either VR or AR technology. Insperiences prioritise interactivity, personalisation, creativity, contextual targeting and measurable scale to powerfully connect brands with people.

The Vibrant AR insperiences are all user-initiated from triggers placed natively within editorial text and images as either a logo, an image or a double-underlined hyperlink.

When a consumer chooses to trigger a Vibrant AR insperience the technology requests the user’s permission to sync with the Android device’s camera functionality. It then opens a Vibrant AR insperience that’s contextually relevant to the editorial content the consumer was just browsing.

Vibrant Media’s founder and executive chairman, Craig Gooding, said: “Our research shows that most ad planners and buyers (58.3 per cent) at leading media agencies reckon AR will be more successful than VR in 2017. That’s interesting because to date, more of these planners and buyers have bought VR campaigns than AR campaigns previously. Among the reasons they give for thinking AR will do well are the lower barriers consumers face and the ease of engagement with AR compared to VR, and the ability of the AR ads to intertwine with real life environments.”

“Previously the mark of good digital advertising was encouraging users to lean into their screen to observe brand experiences. Insperiences go way beyond that. They enable consumers to see themselves within the brand to become personally part of the brand. The ability to save and share the Vibrant AR insperiences on social media empowers consumers to become brand advocates, to show off their affinity with the brand and how they look surrounded by it. That will offer a new earned media channel to brands.”

Source: Net Imperative

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