UK consumers more interested in personalised offers than personalised messages, according to Pure360

UK consumers are more likely to engage with retailers that send them a personalised offer than a personalised message, according to research from YouGov and email marketing company Pure360.

The study revealed that only 7% of shoppers are interested in messages that relate to personal details, such as a birthday, while 8% said they are likely to engage with online retailers that address them by their first name in communications.

However, nearly half of consumers (45%) said that they are prepared to engage with a retail brand that uses personalised offers in their digital marketing.

“Our research indicates that there is a considerable degree of scepticism among consumers regarding the marketing and advertising communications methods of online businesses and retailers,” said Komal Helyer, marketing director at Pure360.

“While there is a case for personalised communications, when they represent value and opportunity for the consumer, our findings show that it is essential for businesses to know their audience and understanding the kind of personalised messaging that will lead to positive brand engagement.”

In particular, the study showed that 54% of younger consumers, between the ages of 18 and 24, would be prepared to engage with companies and brands that contact them about deals or discounts.

“Personalisation as it was known may be dead, but relevant personalised communication lives on,” added Helyer.

Source: ESM Magazine

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