TiVo teams with mobile ‘Identity Mapping’ company 4INFO for targeted advertising

TiVo has partnered with Palo Alto, Calif.-based mobile advertising tech company 4INFO to deploy a tool that makes audiences addressable across locations and devices.

The Custom Connected Identity Map will now be part of TiVo’s Targeted Audience Delivery Data Engine. The solution uses mobile ad IDs (MAIDs) and IP addresses as match keys. Using these keys, the software maps all connected devices to a home address—and location data. This is done, the makers say, without compromising privacy.

“TiVo’s Targeted Audience Delivery customers use our unique data and insights products, including viewership data, attribution and segments to access sought-after verticals, like: CPG, retail, auto, pharma and QSR,” said Walt Horstman, senior VP and general manager of advanced media and advertising for TiVo, in a statement. “Our collaboration with 4INFO leverages their unique identity mapping capabilities to make this audience addressable and extendable to a much large number of households and across multiple devices, while supporting our newly launched Connected TV advertising solutions.”

Added Tim Jenkins, 4INFO CEO: “We continue to see that a combined mobile and IP address-based identity map lies at the heart of an effective data strategy. By leveraging the scale and accuracy of 4INFO’s identity and media activation solutions, TiVo is delivering a platform that solves the industry-wide challenges of addressability and accountability in advanced TV.”

Source: Multichannel

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