TabMo becomes first mobile DSP to use Fenestra’s blockchain technology

TabMo has become the first mobile advertising demand side platform (DSP) to be a certified adopter of Fenestra’s blockchain technology in a move that verifies TabMo’s continued commitment to transparency.

Inefficiencies, hidden costs and opaque trading agreements in the programmatic ecosystem drive overall lack of transparency, which in turn fuels the ongoing problem of ad fraud (recently estimated to be worth between $6.5 and $19 billion worldwide).

As a Fenestra partner, TabMo can verify that its buying mechanics are in the best interests of the advertiser and that all the sources in the supply chain are premium and legitimate. Agencies and advertisers selecting to use the service have full visibility of how much money is spent on the inventory they buy and the amount that goes to suppliers along the chain between the agency and the publisher.

Chris Childs, managing director at TabMo, says: “As the industry continues to do battle with the ongoing issue of the programmatic ‘black hole’ and ad fraud, advertisers are understandably demanding proven transparency; they need to know what things are costing which requires complete visibility of the supply chain.  Becoming a Fenestra certified partner rubberstamps our commitment to being 100% transparent.”

Fenestra’s blockchain technology allows every transaction in the media buying process to be recorded and visible in an immutable ledger. Advertising clients can follow their money through the supply chain using Fenestra’s Unique Transparency ID (UTID) and assign an exact cost to every impression.

Marco Ricci, managing director at Fenestra, says:  “Lack of transparency has played into the hands of the bad actors and fraudsters – and the issue will only get worse as more budget is spent on programmatic advertising. Advertisers and their agencies deserve deeper visibility into where their money is going. Blockchain technology puts every transaction in the supply chain under the spotlight and provides all parties involved with a single version of the truth.  As the first mobile DSP to use our platform, TabMo is proving it is ahead of the curve, and a valued partner in bringing trust back to a much-publicised opaque industry.”

Source: TabMo

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