Select Instagram business partners offered range of enhancements

Instagram has introduced a call-to-action native payment button for select business partners in a bid to boost functionality. It has also offered a new way for those chosen to organise direct messages.

The partners will be able to display options such as ‘Book’, ‘Get Tickets’, ‘Reserve’ or ‘Start Order’ buttons on their profiles, establishing Instagram as a platform where business can be conducted without leaving the page.

The move has been spurred by the knowledge that 200m users visit Instagram business profiles each day, with approximately half of these businesses lacking a website of their own.

In a blog post outlining its changes Instagram wrote: “As more people continue to interact with businesses on Instagram and take action when inspiration strikes, we’re making it easier to turn that discovery into action.”

Elsewhere Instagram will now filter ‘high-value’ messages straight to businesses main direct inboxes as opposed to their pending folder, capitalising on the 150m Instagram Direct conversations held with businesses each month.

As part of this process businesses will be able to take advantage of a customisable quick replies option for responding to customer queries.

These efforts follow the introduction of a dedicated UK shopping channel.

Source: The Drum

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