Promotional and coupon mobile advertising campaigns are driving good returns

Mobile-Coupons-Lead-to-Lickety-Split-Action-65-Percent-Redeem-Them-in-5-Minutes4Info, the mobile advertising technology firm, has just released its brand new Mobile Advertising Benchmarks which provide marketers with guidance on what matters most for mobile adverts. Based on benchmarks across 136 mobile campaigns, the report compares benchmarks across seven categories: baby, beverage, food, general merchandise, health and beauty, over-the-counter and pet as well as a range of sub categories.

The size of campaigns in terms of impressions was relatively stable across creative goals. However, interactive scored higher at 33 million impressions. Promotional and coupon campaigns saw fewer impressions, but higher reach than any other type.

4info 1Impression versus reach

4Info also measured mobile campaigns for sales and found that on average $800,000 in total sales were made, with the largest campaign generating over $10.1m in total in-store sales. Benchmark campaigns delivered $30 in sales per 1,000 impressions.

Sales impact of mobile campaigns

4info 2However, there’s a gap between short-term sales impact and dollars per thousand impressions.

When considering sales impact by creative category, it becomes clear that promotional and coupon ads are driving short-term sales. The success rate in terms of ROAS for coupons hasn’t gone unnoticed among advertisers and many have begun to implement such campaigns.

4info 3Sales impact by creative category

A closer look at campaign by category finds that food advertisers tend to run smaller campaigns compared to general merchandise. Health and beauty drove impressions as well as reach.

4info 4Impressions and reach by category

As a guide, these benchmarks offer some good insight into what ROAS advertisers can expect from their mobile advertising campaigns and ultimately help them to configure ads for greater results.

Source: Moby Affiliates 

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