Now your own DNA can help you select the colour of your new Nissan Altima in the Middle East

From the exploration of ancestry, genealogy, and paternity to food intolerance, anti-aging and wellness profiling, there is a long list of different DNA diagnostics at your fingertips. But, did you know that the information encoded in your DNA can now help you to discover something as personal as your genetic colour? That’s the idea behind Nissan Altima Bio-Color, the latest initiative recently launched by Nissan Middle East.

DNA is the bio-molecule that stores our genetic information. It’s distinctive, different and unique for everyone. There are thousands of genes in the human genetic code, so in order to pinpoint the Nissan Altima Bio-Color, a group of 15 genes related to vision and colour recognition were selected and analysed. These genes were grouped into two main genetic markers, called ‘Colour Vision’ and ‘Night Vision’.

These two markers form the basis of the ‘Gene Colour Map’: a chromatic grid that classifies all the available colours for your Nissan Altima in the largest and most exclusive colour range ever used for a new car.

To create an accurate table, the swatches have been organised in accordance with the characteristics of the tested genes. On the Y-axis, the colours have been set from the least common (black) to the most common (yellow) on the scale of colour blindness predisposition statistics. The X-axis runs from those colours hardest to perceive at night (dark colours) to the easiest to perceive in low lighting (light colours).

After taking a DNA test, every individual will receive different numeric scores for each pre-selected gene, based on the analysis of their own specific genetic information. This data will be translated into a unique personal colour according to the positions of the main markers and the discrete individual scores on the colour map.

Prospective car buyers will now have their chance to pick the colour of their Nissan Altima in the most innovative and cutting-edge way. How? Participating is simple: just visit the Nissan Showrooms on Sheikh Zayed Road or in Khalidiya starting from July 10th, test drive a Nissan Altima, take the DNA test for free at the mini-labs inside the showrooms and wait for the results.

Email notifications will inform participants of the outcome, inviting them to discover everything behind their DNA analysis in an interactive website that explains the details of the colour selection by showcasing data infographics personalised for each customer. Afterwards, new customers can request their exclusive genetic colour and apply it to their new Nissan Altima when closing the purchase, on a first come-first serve basis.

Created by Nissan United, a division of Dubai-based TBWA\RAAD, Nissan’s full-service agency for the Middle East; the Nissan Altima Bio-Color project was launched by a demo film posted on Nissan’s official social pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube; inviting social followers and new customers to discover their genetic colour, a colour extracted directly from their inner self.


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