New Study Finds Consumers Prefer Opting-In To Mobile Ads

Mobile has changed everything. Findings from a new Nielsen Media Labs study commissioned by Jun Group, a leading mobile video advertising platform, found that consumers prefer opt-in mobile advertising (aka “value exchange,” “incentivized advertising,” and “rewarded video”) over traditional digital ads like pre-roll and display by a near 2-1 margin (54 percent versus 29 percent). With value exchange placements, people opt-in to unlock entertainment, points, or other digital content.

“This study highlights a fundamental change in the advertising industry. Value exchange is improving mobile advertising by focusing on the customer,” said Mitchell Reichgut, CEO of Jun Group. “Advertising has traditionally been interruptive and that doesn’t work well on smartphones. This is quickly changing. Mobile gives audiences more control than ever and the industry needs to adjust quickly.”

The study found that consumers who were exposed to value exchange units were more likely to enjoy their overall ad experience (74 percent), beating out pre-roll and native formats. Additionally, opt-in units are naturally inoculated from ad blockers.

Highlights from a separate Nielsen Brand Effect study commissioned by Jun Group showed that the value exchange ad unit tested outperformed Nielsen Digital Brand Effect Mobile benchmarks for both brand awareness and purchase intent.

Two key study findings:

  • Value exchange ad units delivered a 34.4 percent lift in awareness, more than 3.5x the Nielsen Digital Brand Effect Mobile benchmark.
  • Value exchange ad units drove a 26.4 percent increase in purchase intent, surpassing the Nielsen Digital Brand Effect Mobile benchmark by nearly 5x.

Value exchange advertising is used by leading publishers including Google, Pandora, Twitter, Fox, Kik, and Spotify. And value exchange ad units are now available programmatically and are easier than ever to purchase.

Additionally, Jun Group commissioned Nielsen to conduct an industry insights focus group which discovered that despite the performance of value exchange units, there is a general lack of awareness of them. In spite of this finding, 75 percent of media planners/buyers said they were very likely to recommend the unit when asked.

Source: Jun Group

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