Millennials Skip Online Video Ads, Find Mobile Ads Irrelevant

Young TV consumers may be watching much more streaming video, but a large majority will skip online video advertising if allowed.

The latest DeloitteDigital Democracy Survey” says 80% will skip digital TV/video commercials — and over 70% of Millennials and younger Gen Z viewers find mobile ads to be “irrelevant.”

Ad-blocking software is a big part of Millennials’ digital media usage: 45% use it, with 89% indicating that the primary reason is to avoid all advertising. In addition, 40% of these respondents also noted the use of ad-blocking software on their smartphones.

But there is some silver lining — 46% of consumers said they pay more attention to an ad they can skip versus an ad they cannot skip.

On the viewing front: 90% of Millennials and Gen Z viewers say they have binge-watched video content, with 40% doing so weekly. These binge watchers watch an average of six episodes, or five hours of content, in a single sitting.

Traditional TV is still a major part of overall media consumption. But the study says virtually all — 99% — of millennials and Gen Z multitask while watching TV.

Activities include texting, browsing the Web, using social networks, reading email and online shopping.

The full report can be seen here.

Source: MediaPost

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