Instagram launches Carousel Ads in Stories

If you don’t like seeing ads in Instagram Stories, you’re not going to like the announcement the Facebook-owned company has made. Instagram has introduced an update to Stories ads which will enable publishers to utilize the Carousel ad format to publish up to three pieces of content in a Stories ad. Instagram previously allowed them to publish just one piece of content in the ads that it would show between Stories.

Carousel Ads have long been shown to Instagram users in organic posts so it was only a matter of time before this ad format was extended to ads between Stories as well. It makes sense for the company to do this as the Stories feature has been particularly popular on Instagram with more than 300 million daily users.

This change means that Instagram users will now see Carousel Ads between stories, with up to three pieces of content which could include both pictures and videos. This new ad format will enable advertisers to tell more of a story in these ads as three pieces of media give them more room to work with as opposed to just one.

Instagram says that it’s rolling out this new ad format for Stories globally with select brands that include Gap, Bottega Veneta, and California Pizza Kitchen.

Source: UberGizmo

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