Go Instore helps HP and Currys PC World drive customers in-store for four fold sales boost

The innovation delivers an in-store experience to online customers, averaging an impressive 4.7 out of 5.0 in customer satisfaction

Go Instore, a leading provider of immersive omnichannel retail experiences for personalised eCommerce, announced the success HP inc have had in providing human-led digital user experiences for their retail partners’ online customers.

Go Instore is providing HP’s online shoppers with authentic, physical in-store experiences. Following an immersive live one-way HD video and two-way audio conversation with a HP in-store sales expert, Currys PC World have realised an increase in HP product purchases and the company is seeing an uplift in average order value (AOV) against the standard.

The Go Instore partnership is enabling HP to recreate the emotional appeal and informative nature of the in-store shopping experience for their online customers by connecting them with the best suited HP in-store sales expert via video. 

This establishes positive emotional connections and builds trust, which allows the store professional to recommend products based on the customer’s interests, tastes and preferences, as you would in a store environment. 

Go Instore and HP have further configured the service to prioritise the location of the customer’s nearest HP in-store expert, ensuring future in-store customer visits benefit from a continued conversation, that was started online. 

“We understand the power of our HP in-store sales experts in building trust and brand loyalty – we wanted to deliver the same sensory experience to online shoppers!” said Brian Chavrimootoo, EMEA Trade Marketing Manager at HP. “The Go Instore deployment with Currys PC World has delivered impressive results. Customers quickly embraced the initiative and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with over indexed customer satisfaction metrics. Sales, conversion rates and average order value increases have all exceeded expectations.” 

Rising demand for online engagements sets the stage for expansion
Since going live in the summer of 2018, Currys PC World − one of HP’s major European retail partners − has seen a steady increase in the number of HP ‘live’ video engagements. Online customers receive a call-to-action button on HP product web pages, giving online shoppers fast and easy access to in-store HP sales experts.

“Working with Go Instore, we handled a record number of online interactions for HP products,” said Simon Swanborough, Senior Project Manager – Connected Channels at Currys PC World. “Across the stores that are active with the Go Instore service, store experts spent an average of 34% of their time engaging with online shoppers, with our Bristol store in particular, spending 70% of their available free time in a call. The success with HP has resulted in switching on the partnership to cover a greater proportion of the country.” 

Go Instore helps join up the in-store and online experience and takes a unique approach with its customers to deliver the most authentic physical retail experience possible for online shoppers. The service intelligently appears on the retailer’s website, giving online customers two-click access to in-store expertise for a human-led live video consultation.

“The success HP is having in engaging online shoppers cannot be underestimated,” said Andre Hordagoda, co-founder of Go Instore. “They are building a dedicated team to manage Go Instore internally, as well as in-store sales experts to specifically manage Go Instore calls. To meet the growing demand for immersive online shopping, HP are embarking on a European rollout with other major consumer electronics retailers.”

Go Instore has growing partnerships with numerous brands and retailers across Europe, including MADE, The Perfume Shop, Le Coq Sportif, MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group and an upcoming activation with La Redoute.

Source: Go Instore

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