Gatorade shows athletes the effects of dehydration through new immersive VR campaign

Gatorade created “Beat The Blitz” as an engaging way to show athletes how dehydration works in the body. The virtual reality (VR) experience let’s players quarterback and throw passes while being coached by Peyton Manning.

Gatorade and agency partner WPP’s VML debuted the experience to media for the first time in March at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

Coached by Super Bowl Champion, Peyton Manning, “Beat the Blitz” is a VR experience that lets players throw passes, dodge blitzers and even travel inside the body to see how hydration works in the body.

Gatorade is pushing the boundaries of the technology of VR gaming by implementing real-time arm tracking, creating one of the most accurate football simulations ever made. The experience is an authentic way to tell Gatorade’s story of science and sports fuel innovation.

Source: FAB News

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