Fluent: Nearly 70 Per Cent of Snapchatters Skip Ads

Snapchat’s advertising model does not seem to be working too well – as recent research has shown that 69 per cent of people skip ads on Snapchat.

According to a survey of 3,327 American adults by people-based marketing platform Fluent, this number increases to nearly 80 per cent amongst 18-24 year olds – the age group that makes up the largest proportion of Snapchat users.

In addition, only 39 per cent of all those surveyed follow news accounts – while 42 per cent follow sports accounts and 43 per cent entertainment and pop culture accounts. This goes to provide some insight as to why Snapchat may be struggling on the ad viewing front, especially when 51 per cent of people follow internet celebrities on the platform. People don’t want brands on Snapchat, they want individuals.

Compare this to Instagram Stories, however, and 68 per cent of respondents have viewed celebrities, athletes or branded content. Nonetheless, 53 per cent prefer Snapchat to Instagram Stories – a number as high as 61 per cent amongst 18-24 year olds and, perhaps surprisingly, 67 per cent amongst 55+ year olds and 60 per cent in 45-54 age range.

Elsewhere, the survey found that 48 per cent of respondents think Snapchat is just a fad but 66 per cent think they will still be using Snapchat five years from now – a number falling to 52 per cent 10 years from now. Though, 62 per cent of these people also said they think an alternative to Snapchat will come out that they will switch to.

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

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