Five by Five builds and launches wine discovery app for Bibendum, to create an engaged community of wine drinkers


Wine, spirits and craft beer distributor Bibendum has relaunched its educational wine app, Plonk, to focus on the drinking occasion, and to create an engaged community of wine drinkers. The app has been designed, built and launched by Five by Five.

Aimed at educating and introducing new audiences to wine, as well as foster a community of wine lovers, the app also incorporates a photo-sharing element where users can share their perfect wine moment.

The app will give users the opportunity to record the name, vintage, grape varieties and flavours in the wine alongside the photo and the named occasion. Drinkers need never forget what they drank at a party again. The app also allows users to discover other wines by exploring posts from fellow wine lovers.

The educational element of the app has also been updated, and includes information on different grape varieties, quirky facts about grapes and styles and recommended food matches.

With Plonk users can:

  1. screen-captureTake the Taste Test to find out the kinds of wines they might like to drink.
  2. Create a gallery of ‘wine moments’ – upload photos from any wine occasion, tag what they’ve been drinking, rate it and share it via Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Explore other wine lovers’ photos – see which wines other people with similar tastes have enjoyed.
  4. Discover more about grapes, styles and food matches – the app helps users find out more about their favourite grapes as well as the perfect food match.

Brenda Kelly, Head of Marketing at Bibendum says: “Despite the fact that lots of people regularly drink wine, restaurant wine lists and the wall of wines on the supermarket shelves continue to intimidate and overwhelm. Unlike any wine apps currently on the market, Plonk taps in to the fun side of wine by focusing on the social occasion, helping users grow in confidence and making learning part of the fun when they are out and drinking.”

Jo White, managing director at Five by Five adds: “Plonk shows off the quality, diversity and versatility of wine, helping to educate and inform wine-lovers about their favourite drop, as well as let them share their perfect wine moments. Armed with interesting facts, knowledge of the perfect food-matches and more, the app will also be a useful tool to introduce and engage with newer audiences keen to drink and discover wine, but unsure about where to start.”

Source: Five by Five

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