Charlotte Tilbury Launches World’s First 360° Virtual Reality Experience Starring Kate Moss

Today Charlotte Tilbury announced the launch of the world’s first virtual reality experience starring the iconic and globally renowned supermodel, Kate Moss. The dazzlingly beautiful VR experience was created in conjunction with global content production studio and VR specialists Happy Finish, and film director Antoine Wagner. It is the latest element in an extensive global campaign from the world’s no.1 makeup artist celebrating the launch of her much heralded debut fragrance, Scent of a Dream.

The launch also marks the first ever VR experience from a beauty brand to be shot using the new and widely acclaimed Nokia OZO camera, the world’s first professional VR camera. The fully immersive experience can be viewed on VR headsets including Samsung Gear, or on Google Cardboard, while mobile and desktop users can access a bespoke version of the experience via the Facebook and YouTube apps. Consumers and Charlotte Tilbury fans will also be able to interact with the experience in store via bespoke Scent of a Dream VR pods, exclusively in Charlotte’s Beauty Boudoir in Covent Garden and Selfridges W1 from August 18th, with more rolling out across stores in the US and UK later in September.

In this epic virtual reality experience, in which Charlotte makes the viewers dream become a reality, she invites you to be transported into outer space with Kate Moss as your celestial guide, through glittering galaxies and undulating universes of possibilities, experiencing in 360 the magic, the love, light, power, positivity and sex of her NEW mind-altering, fleurotic fragrance Scent of a Dream…Viewers enter Charlotte’s unpredictable, fleurotic world, in which they become the key to attraction!

TURN ONE WAY and you are soaring through astral wormholes into your wildest dreams with the legendary supermodel and icon, Kate Moss. SPIN IN YOUR CHAIR and you are zooming past constellations to dance and kiss amongst the stars with her beautiful co-star, Nathan Mitchell.

The VR experience was filmed and imagined by acclaimed artist and director, Antoine Wagner, and captured on the same set as the iconic Scent of a Dream film (also starring Kate Moss), shot by award-winning director, Baillie Walsh.

This is the latest element in an extensive global launch campaign for Charlotte’s debut fragrance, which also incorporates innovative media formats such as shoppable Snapchat opportunities, Facebook Canvas units and high impact page takeovers, all of which serve to cement the beauty brands’ reputation for embracing new technologies and breaking new ground within the beauty industry.

 Charlotte Tilbury on why she created this virtual reality experience:

 ct“The reason I wanted to create this Virtual reality experience was to bring to life my scent for every user in a multi sensory capacity, even the ingredients and how they work. In the same way that Frankincense within my scent elucidates the beholder through the sesquiterpenes in it (proven to deliver oxygen to the brain), the VR takes the user literally through a portal into another world. It isn’t unlike an experience of enlightenment. I have been obsessed with the physics for years, and wanted to explore the history of the universe through this experience. Not only is it a journey through space with perfume bottles as flying saucers and sheer vertigo from the enormity of it all, but it also physically/visually evokes the ‘time-travelling’ sensation and haunting effect that perfume can have on others. When you put on the glasses you are moving through time-spaces – from party, to galaxy, to reality. The wormholes represent the emotional pathways that connect us all, but also the limitlessness of what this perfume can do for each and every one of us!”

 Daniel Cheetham, Chief Interactive Officer at Happy Finish on the experience and working with Charlotte Tilbury:

 “To be the creative production agency on this project has been a real honour. We’re incredibly proud to have worked alongside Charlotte Tilbury on a world first; a 360 VR experience starring the world’s most iconic supermodel, Kate Moss.”

 “Charlotte Tilbury isn’t afraid to be pioneering and as a brand it is fast becoming one of the most technologically engaged in the fashion/beauty sector, daring to venture into a brave new world of content by being one of the first to use VR to communicate the brand message. It’s a bold move by an aspirational brand that’s bravely embarking on a new direction by leveraging a new medium.”

 Director Antoine Wagner talks about creating this unique one-of-a-kind experience:

 “Virtual Reality enables you to visualise the invisible. It made sense to collaborate with Charlotte on a virtual reality project that allowed us to bring Charlotte’s original Scent dream to life. It was the only medium that could really express the enormity of Charlotte’s vision: a vision which explores the multifarious layers, codes, references and ideas for her new perfume.”

 “I wanted the VR to recreate a synesthestic state of mind – add to that bewilderment & intensity on the senses, and you have a new experience in which you can smell and understand the perfume through your eyes. VR allows us to create a frame for a limitless vision, you mentally lose yourself in Charlotte’s virtual reality dream world.  Kate had already tried VR, and was very excited to be a part of our project. She is the dream person to be lost in the universe with…”

 How can I experience SOAD for myself?

  • IN STORE – The Scent of a Dream virtual reality experience is exclusively available from the 18th August at the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Boudoir Covent Garden store and at the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Selfridges W1.
  • GOOGLE CARDBOARD – The Scent of a Dream experience will be available on Google Cardboard devices at all Charlotte Tilbury counters nationwide from August 18th
  • The Scent of a Dream virtual reality 360 experience will also go live on CT.COM from August 18th and the first 1000 customers on CT.COM will receive complimentary google cardboard headsets.
  • MOBILE or DESKTOP – Mobile and desktop viewers can access a 360° version of the film from their devices via the YouTube app by searching ‘Charlotte Tilbury, Scent of a Dream’.


Source: Happy Finish

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