Cablato unveils ‘game-changing’ dynamic creative-personalisation technology

Brands and agencies can now personalise their digital advertising for individual consumers thanks to a new dynamic creative and data management platform developed by marketing-technology startup Cablato.

Today’s programmatic advertising and data technologies have transformed the way we buy and sell media. Yet even with all these technological advances, advertisers have been struggling to use their data and insight to deliver truly personalised experiences for consumers across their digital channels.

Cablato’s platform changes the game by enabling brands to aggregate and use any available data, including behavioural, third party, first party and CRM to deliver one to one personalised ads across any device, at scale.

“Our purpose-built creative and data management suite sits on top of the programmatic layer enabling brands to tailor specific creative executions to each individual consumer quickly, easily and accurately,” explained Cablato’s Founder and CEO Adrian Pearmund. “This unique approach significantly improves response and conversion rates, transforming the way brands develop ad creative and engage consumers.”

A recent highly successful campaign for a global fashion brand enabled the company to deliver 14 billion creative combinations through a single digital ad across multiple channels, each targeting a different consumer in real time.

Cablato’s technology, which combines data management, decisioning and dynamic ad serving within a single platform, captures and unifies all available data – age, gender, behaviour, preferences, location and more – to inform content and creative. It then analyses the data to identify individual interests, requirements and intentions, continually learning and revising in response to any updates. This intelligence is then used to deliver one to one or ‘hyper-personalised’ mass advertising broadcast across every channel.

“Our technology enables advertisers, agencies and publishers to put all the data at their disposal to work, deliver breakthrough brand experiences, deepen consumer engagement and accelerate business results,” added Pearmund.

Source: Cablato

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