Ad Creative Identified as Key Driver of Customer Engagement and Media ROI in Independent Study

Celtra, the leading creative management platform for digital advertising, released results from a commissioned study, “The Mobile Ad Experience Matters To Your Media ROI,” conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Celtra.  The study found that brands who prioritize creative see improved customer response rates and achieve higher brand recognition.

Forrester predicts that mobile advertising spend will increase by 24.5% year over year through 2020.  The research study commissioned by Celtra notes that if ad spending continues to increase without an improvement in ad UX quality, the result will be an increased use of ad blockers by consumers, which could create longer-term issues that can damage the entire digital ecosystem.

“Smart advertisers have a significant market opportunity to drive high levels of customer engagement and sustained competitive advantage by leveraging strong creative in their mobile ad campaigns,” said Mihael Mikek, Founder and CEO of Celtra. “Many brands have yet to realize the full potential of mobile advertising and will benefit greatly by refocusing their efforts on quality and the user experience.  This will ensure that mobile ads are more relevant, less disruptive and, ultimately, more engaging to consumers.”

Key Findings

  • Brands are struggling to achieve their mobile advertising objectives: While advertisers set out to accomplish branding objectives via mobile ads, this study revealed that more than two-thirds of surveyed brand advertisers believe that at least half of their mobile advertising isn’t successful in achieving their objectives.
  • Delivering poor mobile ads comes at a cost: Delivering ads with a poor experience threatens brand results.  Millions of media dollars wasted, sunk costs of ad development and creation, and harm to the brand image. More broadly, poor mobile ad experiences threaten the advertising ecosystem itself, leading to an increased use of ad blocking technology and depriving publishers of the ability to monetize consumer traffic. According to survey respondents, 73% of the mobile advertisements seen in a typical day fail to create a positive user experience, which can damage brand perception and lead to negative business impact.
  • Improving ad creative will remedy the mobile ecosystem stalemate: Mobile is an important ad channel, and brands are significantly more likely to achieve core brand and advertising objectives when providing consumers with positive mobile ad experiences.

Survey Methodology

Celtra commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the impact of a poor mobile advertising experience on consumers. Forrester tested the hypothesis that advertisers are wasting millions of dollars on ad spend each year due to poor consumer experiences with mobile ads.

Forrester conducted a survey of 1,000 consumers regarding their recent experiences and preferences toward mobile ads. Forrester also surveyed 100 advertising and marketing professionals from various US brands. Each company surveyed had 1,000 employees or more, with the largest percentage coming from companies of over 10,000 employees.

To access the full study, “The Mobile Ad Experience Matters to Your Media ROI,” visit:

Source: Celtra

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