Zappar and Philip Normal deliver an AR-powered t-shirt to celebrate the Royal wedding

Fashion designer Philip Normal has joined forces with artist Jock Mooney and Zappar, an augmented reality (AR) app, to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with an AR-powered t-shirt.

The t-shirts, which went on sale this week, have a zapcode embedded in their design – enabling users of the Zappar app to scan their t-shirts and choose whether they want to ‘Marry Harry’ or ‘Marry Meghan’. Based on their decision, the user will be able to pose for a selfie and see their face placed within the artwork next to the royal of their choosing. This can then be shared on social media.

“We’ve really enjoyed bringing together our creativity and passion for AR with Philip and Jock who are two incredibly creative minds,” said Max Dawes, partnerships and marketing director at Zappar. “We think that these limited-edition t-shirts are a great example of how illustrative design and AR can work hand-in-hand to bring to life physical objects using our AR content creation tool, ZapWorks.”

The t-shirts are on sale now for £22.95 here. There is also an option for people to donate to The Albert Kennedy Trust– a LGBTQ youth homeless charity chosen by Normal – through the Zappar app.

“My brand is known for my subversive, reactionary creative work, but working alongside artist Jock Mooney and Zappar for this 2018 limited edition t-shirt, we’ve managed to add an extra level, by adding a playful AR technology element to the design by Zappar,” said Normal. “We want to redefine what the t-shirt means, what it can do, and how we respond to them.”

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

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