Vpon Releases New Data Report Unveiling Greater China tourists’ mobile behaviour patterns

Vpon Big Data Group, Asia’s leading big data ad tech company, releases the latest Hong Kong mobile advertising data report shedding light on the mobile behaviour of Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese tourists when traveling in Hong Kong. The HongKongers’ mobile user behaviour pattern and mobile market in Hong Kong are also covered. The report reveals that the Greater China tourists positively react to mobile ads during their trips, which is one of the crucial factors to success in the cross-border O2O marketing strategy.

Highly-connected with their mobile devices, the Greater China tourists also have a higher intention to react to the mobile ads during their trips. According to the report, mobile ad click-through-rate (CTR) of Taiwanese tourists in Hong Kong is 1.2 times higher than that in the home region, while the CTR of Mainland Chinese tourists shows an increase of 30% higher during their trips in Hong Kong. Interestingly, it is found that the digital footprints of Taiwanese cluster to airport and tourists attractions, while the tourists from Mainland China have expanded their digital footprints across the whole area of Hong Kong.

Arthur Chan, APAC General Manager at Vpon Big Data Group, suggested that the report brought the remarkable insights on formulating cross-border marketing strategy with 2 keys to success: “instant” and “precise.” “Given the short duration of stay of the Greater China tourists, mobile can be the best channel to help the brand reach out to their target audience instantly. Moreover, the precise ad message which demonstrates the benefits and incentives is needed to drive tourists’ immediate purchase action. Actually, many renowned international brands have already tapped into this cross-border business opportunity, and mobile is seen as the perfect channel to bring the cross-border O2O marketing concept alive and drive the offline purchase from the online channel in no time,” Chan said.

He added, instead of initiating the “during-trip” communication merely, brands can grow the target audiences’ desires before their trips. He illustrated with an example of timepiece brand, “thanks to Vpon’s Data Management Platform (DMP) with the largest Asia tourists’ mobile behaviour database, we are able to help the brands identify and then send the mobile ads to the potential visitors to Hong Kong in several cities in China. Their desires over the brand and its products have been grown before the trip, leading a more positive reaction to the brand during their trips later.”

Regarding the behaviour of Hong Kong mobile users, it is shown that they are highly-connected to the internet from get up to sleep, but their needs and consumptions pattern are various across different time period. Users heavily consume information about news and finance during the daytime, but fulfil their entertainment needs through apps such as gaming, videos, and comics at nighttime.

Download the full report from here.

Source: Vpon Big Data Group

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