Verve announces integration with Yext

Verve, the leading mobile platform for location-powered programmatic video and display marketing, announced its integration with Yext, the leader in Digital Knowledge Management (DKM), via the Yext App Directory. The integration empowers brands and advertisers to seamlessly activate place data from Yext in the Verve Velocity platform and launch multi-location mobile marketing campaigns.

Integration with Verve enables new capabilities for Yext customers as consumer dependence on mobile steadily increases and brand investment escalates. eMarketer estimates that mobile ad spend will grow 23.5% in 2018, nearly triple the growth of desktop ad spend at 6.6%, and location-powered mobile ad experiences are equally in demand amongst marketers and consumers. Research conducted by Verve reveals that 80% of consumers ages 14–29 expect tailored ads, recognising their location, interests, and habits and that 74% of marketers recognise the role of mobile location signals in delivering those personalized experiences. A recent BIA/Kelsey study projects that location-targeted mobile advertising will increase by 75% to $38.7B by 2022, further underscoring the value of Yext extending their platform services to include mobile advertising capabilities powered by Verve.

“Location is paramount to designing and delivering memorable, effective ad experiences — it is a proxy for predicting human behaviour and, specifically, purchase intent. We call the transformation of location and mobile device data into consumer insights Movement Science,” said Mark Fruehan, EVP of Velocity Marketplace at Verve. “This integration enables Yext customers to port the most accurate location information possible — their own POI database — into the Verve platform and create contextually relevant, highly engaging mobile marketing that delivers value for brands and consumers alike.”

Verve Velocity is an end-to-end mobile marketing platform that reaches ~90% of US households and the people associated with them and enables all aspects of campaign execution from planning to measurement. Upon installing the Verve app from the Yext App Directory, brands can directly integrate their place data from Yext into Verve Velocity to:

  • Create custom geo-behavioural segments for targeting and retargeting
  • Target consumers in real-time based on current location
  • Design ads that dynamically display the closest store location(s) on a map, including estimated distance and directions
  • Measure store visits to determine campaign efficacy

“Verve is a leader in mobile marketing and advertising and integrating with them via the Yext App Directory is a natural fit,” said Marc Ferrentino, Chief Strategy Officer at Yext. “As AI transforms every aspect of consumer technology, people expect more from their experiences with brands. Our integration with Verve makes it easy for our customers to tailor ad campaigns with accurate entity data from Yext.”

Source: Verve

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