Unilever, Universal and L’Oreal Make Use of AI Content Marketing Platform

AI Content marketing platform Codec has signed 14 new customers including Unilever, Universal Music and L’Oreal.

Codec’s platform is said to enable marketers ‘to create better content by giving them an accurate prediction of what audiences care about before they plan’. It provides these marketers with visual insights, detailed views, an understanding of target audience data, the ability to track audience interests and preferences over time, and more.

Codec was launched in August 2016, and has grown by 53 per cent since then. It currently serves customers in the US, UK, Japan, Sweden and France – serving these markets across eight verticals including betting, appliances and cosmetics

“Deep knowledge of audiences is key for all areas of marketing,” said Martin Adams, Codec CEO and co-founder. “When planning content, marketers tend to use traditional audience insight methods including ‘social listening’ software and market research, combined with creative brainstorms. Although these methods can be effective to a point, they rely on guesswork and pose big risks financially and to a brand’s image because they rely on analysis of keywords, not of people’s interactions.”

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

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