Teads reveals new company ambition, alternative to Google and Facebook

Teads’ development has long been fuelled by a vision to build the definitive platform that unites and empowers the world’s top publishers to provide a global alternative to the advertising ecosystem.

To articulate this vision clearly to the marketplace, Teads is sharing its expanded company vision and adopting the tagline, “The Global Media Platform.” The announcement also reflects Teads’ continued journey to evolve from simply providing video ad products to providing a broader set of full-funnel ad solutions to the world’s best publishers and advertisers.

In September 2017, Teads launched its Viewable Display product suite which now represents nearly 20% of the company’s annual revenue. In June 2018, Teads launched a new disruptive, performance-based buying model helping advertisers deliver new visitors and prospects to their digital properties. This performance offering has already been adopted by many of the top auto manufacturers, retailers and consumer tech companies amongst other sectors.

Teads CEO Bertrand Quesada says “Our vision is to build the definitive platform that unites the world’s best publishers, creating an alternative to Google and Facebook by delivering an audience of over 1.2 billion consumers on a brand safe, transparent platform. The Global Media Platform is the result of Teads’ commitment to delivering better advertising outcomes for brands, better monetisation solutions for publishers, and better experiences for consumers.”

Company Vision

By integrating directly with hundreds of top publishers at a worldwide level, Teads brings together a deduplicated audience of approximately 1.2 Billion users on a monthly basis. In the last several weeks alone, Teads has signed exclusive partnerships with Apple News, BBC and The Economist. As a result, Teads’ reach in many countries is equal or greater than Youtube or Facebook. As The Global Media Platform, Teads’ vision to unite and empower the world’s top publishers is centred on four key pillars that help solve major challenges in the industry:

  1. A Single access point to the world’s top publishers

By delivering access to high quality inventory at scale on one platform, Teads delivers operational efficiencies, scale and accountability in direct and programmatic transactions to the buy-side. Teads is equally focused on providing high value technology and monetisation solutions for publishers.

  1. Creative that cuts through the noise but respects the user

The mobile user experience is dictating new creative rules that can be challenging. Given the high importance of creative quality in delivering media effectiveness, Teads has been working with agencies and brands, through its Teads Studio technology & team, to quickly and scalably optimise assets for this new reality. 

  1. Full-funnel ad & monetisation solutions, tailored to business objectives

With a full-funnel product suite, Teads has enabled publishers with a broader set of monetisation tools and brands with solutions that meet a wide array of business objectives. Our focus is to provide precision marketing at every step of the purchasing funnel within professionally-produced, brand-safe media.

  1. Guaranteed outcomes, powered by AI & Data

Marketers are facing increasing pressure to demonstrate concrete results from their digital media spend. As a currency, the CPM falls short of providing accountability. By investing significantly in AI/machine learning and data capabilities over the last three years, Teads is allowing brands and agencies to transact based on guaranteed outcomes in viewability, completed views, engagement, in-target delivery, incremental site traffic and more recently conversions.

“Very few platforms have the ability to deliver high quality and mass reach on a global scale. As a result, Teads has become a core partner to MediaCom and many of our largest clients,” said Stephen Allan, Global CEO of MediaCom, the WPP agency.

“Our partnership with Teads will enable our partners to further engage with our audience of globally curious people through innovative technology and ad formats,” added Nicolas Sennegon- Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of The Economist Group.

Teads is also launching a new corporate campaign in digital and print trade media, communicating to the industry that “The Best Publishers Are on Teads.”

Source: Teads

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