Survey of gamers finds half view blockchain as the future of games, half think it’s too complex and expensive

Blockchain game and collectables publisher BitCrystals has published the results of its first-ever survey of gamers and their attitudes to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. With blockchain and cryptocurrencies gaining an increasing amount of attention within the game industry, BitCrystals undertook the survey to try and better understand this fast-emerging sector.

With more than 500 responses collected from players of blockchain-enabled collectable card game Spells of Genesis, the survey reveals the different attitudes and motivations of gamers who actively buy and trade digital items on the blockchain, as well as highlighting the obstacles that deter other gamers from transacting on the blockchain.

The survey – ‘Gamer attitudes to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies’  – is based on responses from 513 gamers across a range of ages, gender and of countries.

Although as Spells of Genesis fans they were already playing a game built on the blockchain, when gamers were asked if they had purchased or traded game items (such as cards) on the blockchain in the last 12 months, 54% hadn’t, versus 46% who had. Of the 54% who hadn’t, the biggest reason they cited was the cost of blockchain transactions, and the second was that using the blockchain is too complex and intimidating.

“We created this survey because so many websites and industry conferences are talking about the future use of blockchain in games, but very few people are offering any real insight into the players themselves and what is motivating them,” said Shaban Shaame, CEO of BitCrystals. “With access to a sizable audience of gamers who have the opportunity to use the blockchain in our game, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to try and get a handle of what actual gamers think about the blockchain hype.”

Other key insights from the survey include:

  • Of the 51% of respondents who said they had transacted on the blockchain, the majority said they had only bought or traded between 4 and 10 items. Almost a third (27%)  have purchased or traded 10 or more.

  • When asked what motivated them to use the blockchain, 58% of players said that ownership of digital assets was very important to them, and 64% cited the ability to trade items freely was also a core feature.

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum were the two most popular cryptocurrencies amongst players, with 83% of those who had transacted digital items on the blockchain saying that they had purchased Bitcoin and 75% Ethereum. Beyond the most talked about cryptocurrencies, 42% said they had transacted using others including Neo, Pepecash, BitCrystals and a range of altcoins.

  • 66% of the players who have transacted on the blockchain have also invested in an ICO in the past year.  Overall investment in ICO’s seems to be quite conservative, with 35% investing in three or less and 33% not investing at all. At the other extreme, 14% of players have invested in ten or more ICO’s.

The survey respondents are all players of Spells of Genesis. Available on iOS and Android, Spells of Genesis launch in early 2017 and was the first collectible card game to be built on the blockchain.

To date, over 20k cards have been bought by Spells of Genesis players, and in early 2018, Spells of Genesis offered players the chance to ‘Blockchainize’ their in-game cards and add them to the blockchain. The rarest Spells of Genesis card is the Satoshicard which has been trading amongst players for more than USD 10k.

‘Gamer attitudes to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies’ is available here.

Source: BitCrystals

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