SMS Global: Four out of five smartphone users check their phones within 15-minutes of waking up

While the trend in homes is to increasingly spend more time talking to virtual assistant Alexa, a recent report suggests that we reach for our smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up and our phones will likely remain with us throughout the day long after we have said goodnight, Alexa.

Various developments in mobile technology have helped foster such a dependence, SMS Global suggests, but our relationship to texting is a big reason we rely so much on our phones.

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With an estimated 561bn text messages sent worldwide, and roughly 18.7bn texts sent every day around the world, that dependency on our phones does not appear to be waning.

An infographic by the firm details nearly every aspect of how we use our mobile devices throughout the day — from the shower (95% of mobile devices in Japan are waterproof, the infographic says) to the office, where 80% of people use text messaging for business.

The infographic suggests that 96% of smartphone owners text at the office, while the average person takes 90 minutes to reply to an email, they generally take only 90 seconds to reply to a text. With 80% of professionals currently using text for business purposes, an additional 15% said that more than half of their messages are for business purposes.

Further, the average mobile phone user spends 23 days or 552 hours each year staring down at their phone screen.

Source: The Drum

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