Reddit introduces “App Install” campaign objective and improves its Conversion Pixel

Reddit is introducing App Install as a campaign objective and great improvements to its Conversion Pixel with expanded tracking and measurement capabilities. 

A few weeks after Reddit rolled out CPC Ads – its first performance-based ad offering – and more campaign objectives ideal for direct response campaigns, the company is now further expanding campaign objectives with a new App Install campaign objective that will help advertisers further optimise their Reddit Ads for performance. In addition to the new App Install objective, Reddit has also improved its Conversion Pixel significantly, with “expanded capabilities for tracking and measurement.”

The new App Install objective is “built on top of the foundation […] laid with Cost Per Click ads,” and will appeal first and foremost to mobile-first advertisers who are “looking to grow their mobile user base.” Advertisers will be able to choose the campaign objective, and Reddit will optimise ads to bring App Store visits for this purpose.

When advertisers choose this new campaign objective, Reddit will target its mobile app users with native mobile ads directly, and advertisers will be able to bid per click, meaning that they will only pay if the ad converts to an app store visit. Thus they will target iOS and Android users, and “direct clicks to the app store URL.”

As it rolls out the new App Install objective, Reddit has also updated its “reporting capabilities through integrations with seven of the leading app install attribution providers, including Adjust, Tune, Appsflyer, Kochava, Tenjin, Singular and Branch.” As a result, impressions and click data can be tracked and monitored directly within an advertiser’s attribution provider’s dashboard.

The new performance bid types and campaign objectives on Reddit also come with a “vastly improved Conversion Pixel with expanded capabilities for tracking and measurement.” Up until now, the Reddit Ads Conversion Pixel could only track one conversion event, and put view-through and click-through conversions together. This didn’t allow any attribution window configuration.

Now, the improved Conversion Pixel can track eight different conversion events: ‘Page Visit,’ ‘View Content,’ ‘Search,’ ‘Add to Cart,’ ‘Add to Wishlist,’ ‘Purchase,’ ‘Lead,’ and ‘Sign Up.’ More importantly, though, it can break out view-through and click-through conversions separately, and provides 1, 7, or 28-day attribution windows. Finally, the improved Pixel also shows conversion data in a new conversion tab.

With the new App Install objective and the rest of this “performance bundle,” Reddit now offers five different campaign objectives for advertisers: reach, video view, traffic, conversions and App Install. It also brings all the relevant bid types for them – CPM, CPV and CPC.

This is all a massive upgrade for Reddit’s advertising options, but the company says it will be introducing a lot “more advanced optimisation and targeting offerings” in 2019.

Source: We Are Social Media

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