Pixability launches PixabilityONE to unify video ad campaigns across key online channels

Video advertising software and insights leader Pixability announced the launch of PixabilityONE, a first-of-its-kind software platform powered by data science, used for running campaigns across the premier video advertising destinations, all in one place.

Those destinations include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Connected TV platforms like Amazon. The PixabilityONE platform can be used by brands and agencies as a self-service solution to run their own campaigns, and is also used for all campaigns that Pixability manages for major brands such as Puma, Ford, KIND, L’Oréal and Bose.

Analyst firm eMarketer and others are estimating that YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Connected TV will represent over 75% of the ad market for video next year. Yet brands and agencies often have siloed teams to manage, measure and report on campaigns run on each platform. PixabilityONE provides a unified view of campaigns across these premier channels for a more holistic, efficient approach to video advertising.

“With PixabilityONE, we can, for the first time, run in-house campaigns across major video ad channels through one platform. At the same time, the platform also delivers campaign performance that’s well above what we see when we run campaigns individually on native platforms,” commented Mark Williams VP of Distribution from Fullscreen, a social content company and a strategic partner of Pixability.

The PixabilityONE platform includes Audience Builder, for audience targeting; the Campaign Optimization Engine (COE) for campaign optimization; and a 24/7 reporting interface that details results across all platforms cohesively.

Audience Builder provides a single interface for establishing targeting parameters across premier platforms like YouTube and Facebook. It includes pre-bid campaign brand-safety/suitability filtering; vertical level benchmarks to help with planning; AI-built stock audiences to launch campaigns faster; the ability to save and share audiences across teams; and a creative library to host video ads.

The Campaign Optimization Engine (COE) uses data science to auto-optimize over 37,000 times a day across all campaigns. Whereas most video ad campaigns are still manually run by humans and may only be able to optimize dozens of times in a day, Pixability automatically optimizes hundreds of times per day per campaign. It’s also the only campaign engine that optimizes to multiple KPIs.

Finally, the PixabilityONE Dashboard allows brands and agencies to manage video reporting holistically across multiple native platforms. While marketers often miss opportunities for cross-platform learnings by managing and reporting on each platform independently, Pixability is the only platform that reports on results from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and CTV all in one interface.

Through integrations with 3rd party measurement partners, it can also report on metrics like brand lift and store visits and break down results on a granular geographic basis.

“Using PixabilityONE to execute — and ultimately optimize — our cross-platform video ad campaigns enables us to connect with consumers at every stage in their journey with our brand, ultimately leading us to achieve the greatest impact,” said Hermann Hassenstein, Head of Marketing Planning, Global Marketing at PUMA.

“One of the biggest challenges brands and agencies face today is the siloed management of video campaigns across the most important video platforms, resulting in missed opportunities and a failure to optimize,” commented David George, CEO of Pixability. “Our market-first platform unifies campaign management all in one place, allowing marketers to better assess and allocate their investments to maximize results.”

Source: Pixability

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