PeerLogix teams with SoMo Audience to create OTT-based private marketplaces within the mobile space

PeerLogix, the go-to audience discovery platform for the OTT/streaming TV landscape, announced a partnership with SoMo Audience, one of the largest mobile ad exchanges. The partnership will allow SoMo’s mobile media buyers to target audiences through private marketplaces based on PeerLogix’s OTT engagement data, sourced from of over 170 million viewing households and sortable by title, genre, studio/network and actor/actress tags.

Founded in 2012 with the goal of improving the quality and effectiveness of touchscreen advertising, SoMo Audience has created a next-level mobile trading platform that leverages patented technology to improve digital experiences for both consumers and marketers. To this end, the company looks for partners that can add real value to its demand-side clients. PeerLogix’s unique data sets provide additional avenues for the buy-side of the industry to activate ad-buys across the programmatic landscape, targeting unique OTT audience segments.

Additionally, SoMo has a significant, and growing, supply of OTT/CTV inventory and integration of PeerLogix’s OTT audience data will provide an even wider range of buying decisions based on combinations of the two. Vertical personalized OTT programming continues to expand as OTT app and site development tools become more robust and easier to use in creating engaging video experiences for ad supported or subscription based models.  PeerLogix OTT data, integrated at the supply source, can enhance these already rich personalized experiences, helping create custom OTT marketplaces for SOMO’s demand clients.

Whether a brand is looking to supplement its traditional TV buying with online audiences illustrating specific content consumption behaviors, or simply with targeted digital OTT supply, the partnership of SoMo and PeerLogix creates the ability to build relevant, custom, programmatic OTT marketplaces.

SoMo’s CEO, Robert Manoff, explains, “OTT and Connected TV have truly begun to gain mainstream acceptance but many niche-popular streaming apps don’t yet have the brand name recognition to compete with the ‘big boys.’  Utilizing the PeerLogix data creates a value for our Connected TV app partners that seamlessly puts them on an even playing field and potentially accelerates their growth curve.”

PeerLogix’s CEO, Ray Colwell, adds, “PeerLogix’s vision is to provide actionable Over-the-Top (OTT) viewership data to brands and agencies so they might continue to communicate with households that prefer streaming services rather than linear TV. We are thrilled that, through our partnership with SoMo, that this capability will be offered at such significant scale.”

Source: PeerLogix

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