Neura combines AI and physical world data to personalise app experiences

AI-powered personalisation firm Neura has announced Neura Moments, a new solution aimed at creating a synthesis of a user’s real-life situation in a specific context, place and time to produce a situation-aware, actionable opportunity with predictable intent.

Neura Moments are designed to combine with the recently-announced Neura True Personas to uncover new customer engagement opportunities for product companies and apps. Based on physical world data, Neura learns, then predicts, precise moments throughout a user’s day which can be used to fuel intelligent customer journeys. These unique trigger points are accessed via API calls, and can be anything from a user heading to bed to when they are idle at work.

The Neura Engagement Intelligence is able to identify which features of an app are used at specific Moments, enabling developers to route specific interactions with consumers through Siri Shortcuts, further promoting sustainable and intelligent consumer experiences.

“Intelligent, relevant interactions that seamlessly blend into each user’s day-to-day life transform the consumer experience, increase user engagement, and enable brands to form sustainable one-to-one relationships with their customers,” said Ori Shaashua, vice president of product and co-founder of Neura.

“Neura’s understanding of the moment, or context, of an anonymous user’s activities in the real world can be used to uncover which features of an app can increase engagement rates if delivered through this new communication channel.”

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

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