Mobile the only advertising medium without a chilly future according to Zenith

The coming years will be chilly for just about every advertising medium except for your mobile phone, according to advertising agency Zenith.

While internet advertising will overtake old-school television to become the biggest global advertising medium in 2017, marketing on desktop computers is expected to decline in coming years:

As more advertising shifts online, benefitting companies like Google and Facebook, a lot of the cash is being channeled into online video and social media: Video advertising is expected to grow by 21% a year between 2016 and 2019, and social media will increase by 20% during that period, according to Zenith.

The agency forecasts that the internet will account for 42.2% of global ad spending by 2019.

Mobile advertising, meanwhile, is just about the only platform that’s projected to increase its share of the overall market:

Source: Quartz Media

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