MediaMath and Place Exchange Deliver Industry’s First OOH Programmatic Omnichannel Campaigns

MediaMath, a leader in programmatic marketing technology, has achieved an industry-first with omnichannel advertising campaigns that purchased out-of-home (OOH) media through a partnership with Place Exchange, the first true programmatic exchange for OOH and place-based media.

This marks the first time in digital advertising history that OOH ads were purchased programmatically via the exact same campaigns and workflows as online and mobile media and measured with the exact same metrics and reporting—impressions, conversions, response rates, and CPAs—making OOH attributable in the same way as other digital channels for the first time.

Through our partnership, MediaMath clients are able to serve high-impact OOH ads programmatically in the physical world in high-traffic locations that reach brands’ target audiences, in contexts that are brand safe by design – free of bot fraud and always viewable.

“Omnichannel is about providing advertisers with the ability to express their marketing objectives and leveraging automation and intelligence to achieve those objectives, regardless of the devices, screens, or channels on which their audiences might be found,” said Karen Chan, Director, Emerging Channels, MediaMath.

“For decades, advertisers have been forced to split channels apart due to technical differences, data disparities, or other factors that stood in the way of a customer-centric approach. That is now finally changing. We can run out of home programmatically and help brands directly reach their audiences where they live, work and play.”

Previously, other programmatic OOH platforms required marketers to treat the channel as a silo, necessitating separate workflows for campaign setup, targeting, and management, as well as different creative requirements. They also failed to deliver to device-level data that could power the same analytics, optimisation, and attribution for OOH as for other channels such as online, mobile, and social.

Through the unique combination of MediaMath’s TerminalOne platform omnichannel capabilities and Place Exchange’s proprietary data and IP, the two companies have placed out-of-home on truly equal footing with other programmatic channels, unifying workflow, measurement, and attribution for the first time.

These groundbreaking ads ran via Place Exchange’s open auction, which includes expansive OOH inventory across a wide array of outdoor and indoor formats from the top OOH media companies across the US. Through its unique patent-pending integration and proprietary data, Place Exchange can unify campaign and creative workflows, as well as reporting and attribution, for OOH with other programmatic channels within DSP systems.

“Programmatic has historically been confined to the world of personal devices, giving marketers only one small window into their consumers. By contrast, out-of-home enables brands to reach massive audiences with highly engaging, life-size creative experiences in the real world, putting ads in front of consumers that make sense relative to where they are in their journeys between home, work, shopping, and entertainment, where they spend 70 percent of their time,” said Dave Etherington, Chief Commercial Officer of Place Exchange.

“With Place Exchange, we can finally seamlessly unify OOH with online, mobile, and other programmatic channels. And with the ability to power standard digital attribution, we see that OOH can drive strong performance at every stage of the funnel, all with 100-percent viewability and no bots, ad blockers, or unsafe content.” 

The addition of Place Exchange to TerminalOne broadens MediaMath’s omnichannel capabilities to include online, mobile, audio, native, social, CTV, and OOH. Both MediaMath and Place Exchange believe this landmark step will accelerate the transformation of OOH into a truly programmatic medium, as well as bring the broader industry closer to the promise of omnichannel marketing.

Source: MediaMath

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