Fyber team with Game of Whales to help app developers identify profitable users

Fyber, a leading technology company creating solutions for smarter ad monetisation, announced it has partnered with Game of Whales, provider of an AI-driven monetisation optimisation platform.

This will offer a first of its kind, transparent, accurate and holistic monetisation solution that empowers app and game developers to have full view of user lifetime value (LTV) in order to optimise user acquisition budgets, as well as customise the user experience to drive retention and prevent churn.

Acquiring new users is a difficult and costly exercise for mobile app and game publishers. To drive ROI, publishers need a better understanding of their user-acquisition ROI. This partnership enables publishers to calculate user LTV based on the combination of in-app purchases (IAP) and ads revenue, and use that insight to model profitable users and optimise user acquisition campaigns to target the right users.

Since the birth of digital advertising, publishers have sought to create tailor-made experiences for their users, both to maximise user retention and to drive overall yield. Until now, the goal of tailor-made experiences has been stymied by two major challenges.

The first is data blind spots, also known as aggregated data inputs that makes it impossible to accurately measure revenue at the user level, making any ROI calculations highly unreliable, preventing publishers from segmenting users into cohorts, let alone treating them as individuals. The second is the lack of automated solutions that enable publishers to customise user experiences at scale.

Now, thanks to the partnership between Fyber and Game of Whales, publishers can tailor experiences to each and every individual user automatically at scale. By combining highly accurate user level advertising and in-app purchase revenue under one roof, and by applying machine learning to in-app behavioural segmentation as well as creating an appropriate app experience, the vision has become a reality.

The Fyber / Game of Whales solution is unique in that it does not rely on samples or estimates to calculate individual user ad LTV. Thanks to Fyber FairBid, which allows all demand partners to purchase mobile in-app inventory programmatically, along with Fyber’s Impression-Level Revenue Data, Fyber can attribute each impression, along with the price paid, to the individual user engaging with the ad.

This highly accurate, real-time data allows publishers to ascertain how much ad revenue they’ve gained from each user and use that insight to predict ad LTV.

Game of Whales is recognised as the industry leader in tracking verified, fraud-free in-app purchase (IAP) data, as well as segmenting users based on in-game behaviour in order to create tailored experiences (e.g. withholding ads for users that are in high probability of becoming payers, or offering user-specific discounts on IAP or in-game items in order to improve conversion rates).

Through this partnership, these capabilities are augmented by Fyber’s accurate ad revenue data, allowing publishers to calculate a holistic LTV at the user level.

In addition to accurate holistic LTV data and advanced user behavioural segmentation, the partnership provides a fully automated solution that makes decisions about the user experience. For example, it can decide to show specific offers to select users, or it can determine which users should see an ad.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Game of Whales so that together we can unlock the value of the segment of one. Our combined solution allows publishers to maximise yield and optimise the experience of each individual user, which is game changing. For the first time, they’re in full control of their destinies,” said Offer Yehudai, President at Fyber.

“We are excited to partner with Fyber, whose advanced programmatic bidding technology allows publishers to see a complete and precise LTV on a user level. In the last few years since the rise of the hyper-casual trend, the ads share in the total revenue pie has increased significantly and nowadays, even the top grossing companies are looking to monetise the 98% that don’t pay through IAP in a smart way without risking the existing revenues. While the tracking, attribution and optimisation of IAP have evolved significantly, ads revenue remained a “black box”. With this partnership, we deliver a cutting edge, holistic LTV optimisation platform that takes into consideration both IAP and ads to assure the right action is taken for every specific user,” said Doron Kagan, Co-Founder and CEO at Game of Whales.

Source: Fyber

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