Flipboard launches in China, partnering with BlueFocus on advertising

Flipboard has launched in China, creating a business that has the freedom to develop technology and product separate to its core business.

Flipboard China has now launched with 25 staff and is the result of a joint venture with Chinese advertising group BlueFocus, who will help the business establish deals with local partners and brands.

Mike McCue, Flipboard founder and CEO, said: “Partnered with BlueFocus, Flipboard is now ready to expand its premium advertising solutions to China while accelerating progress on a product experience tailored for the high-end Chinese market. We are excited to expand the already excellent team in Beijing and fully empower them to move fast.”

The operation won’t exist entirely separately to Flipboard in the US as the businesses will still work together on global advertising deals and partnerships, as well as sharing user experience best practices. However, Flipboard China will have a team of developers that are empowered to localise the product.

Beijing-based Flipboard executive director Jing Zhao will become the CEO of Flipboard China, with the 25-strong team reporting into him.The joint venture will be managed by a board, consisting of Hugo Buret of Flipboard, Lucia He of BlueFocus and Zhao, representing Flipboard China.

Source: The Drum

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