Facebook will prioritise local stories in your News Feed

You may start seeing more posts from local publishers popping up in your News Feed. Facebook has announced that it will begin prioritising local news, bumping it up higher in your feed if you follow a local publisher’s Page or if a friend shares a locally-published story.

“We are prioritising local news as a part of our emphasis on high-quality news, and with today’s update, stories from local news publishers may appear higher in News Feed for followers in publishers’ geographic areas,” Facebook said in the announcement.

This isn’t Facebook’s only shift towards local news. It’s also testing a section called “Today In” that brings together local news stories, emergency updates and local events. And the company also isn’t the only one interested in boosting local news. Google is working on an app called Bulletin that would let local journalists or anyone else write up a story and publish it to the web instantly.

Facebook, which recently announced it would be shifting its News Feed focus away from news and more towards friends’ posts, says the local news prioritisation will kick off in the US, but it plans to expand it to other countries this year.

“These efforts to prioritise quality news in News Feed, including this local initiative, are a direct result of the ongoing collaboration with partners,” said Facebook.

“Our goal is to show more news that connects people to their local communities, and we look forward to improving and expanding these efforts this year.”

Source: Engadget

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