Facebook brings print catalogues to mobile with collection ads update

Facebook has expanded the capabilities of its ‘collection’ ad format, which enables retailers to display their products in a carousel under a video or image-based ad.

Collection, which was launched back in March, has been given the addition of a new creative format called lifestyle templates. This feature enables retailers to bring digital versions of their print catalogues to mobile via a full-screen template.

In addition, the new ad format comes with the ability to tag products directly to help with product discovery, and retailers can add a store locator card to their template to show people where there nearest store is.

Furthermore, the feature can be used to re-engage high intent consumers who have previously engaged with the retailer’s Facebook catalogue. Facebook says it only surfaces product categories to the most relevant people.

“Given the shift to digital, and as eCommerce accounts for more than 50 per cent of our business, innovation is at our core to ensure we continue to tell our brand stories in new formats,” said Felix Carbullido, CMO at kitchenware and home furnishing company Williams-Sonoma.

“The lifestyle template for collection is an exciting opportunity to unify our heritage in catalogue with a new lifestyle digital format designed to inspire our customers to discover new products, all on mobile where we know they are spending their time.”

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

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