Disney’s Dumbo and Accenture Interactive collaborate for the movie poster of the future

Disney is working with Accenture Interactive to evolve the engagement between cinema goers and movie posters, unveiling a facial recognition photo booth to promote the studio’s live-action remake of Dumbo at SXSW in Austin.

Through Studio Lab – a co-venture between the two companies designed to develop the production, distribution and marketing of the entertainment business – Accenture has developed an experience that uses photography and facial recognition to recognise the emotion the subject is feeling is and expresses it within a poster.

A number of expressions from sad to happy are presented for the subject to copy through the presentation of pictures of Dumbo expressing the same emotion.

Speaking to The Drum, Patrick Kennedy, media and entertainment digital transformation lead for Accenture, explained the company has partnered with Disney on a three-year deal to help it explore how to improve the cinema-going experience, with the evolution of the movie poster being part of the project.

He said the use of facial recognition allowed people to personalize their cinema-going experience.

“As long as you are giving to people the right rational reason and you are exercising care, it’s a great way to humanize [the poster],” he said. “Studio Lab is looking at how it brings a more human resonance to that messaging. So today when you see a poster in a cinema, that’s just a poster of that thing, but when you can use facial recognition, there is a two-way communication that you can start to have with a character.”

Accenture has also worked with Disney on the current release of Captain Marvel, using photogrammetric drone to create 3D models that were rendered to create a warehouse used in the trailer and the ultimate movie release.

“The Dumbo experience came from us looking at how we innovate in the marketing of movies and when we look at that, the cinematic experience is still really important.” said Kennedy.

The booth is being displayed at Accenture’s showcase space during the Austin-based festival, while another booth will feature on the red carpet during the movie’s premiere on March 11.

Source: The Drum

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