Brandwatch introduces Iris, an AI-powered analyst

Brandwatch, the $100 million, world-leading social intelligence company, announced it’s newest innovation: Iris. Iris is an in-app AI-analyst that reduces the time it takes to answer a question by providing users with complex data science solutions at the click of a button.

Iris automatically analyzes large conversations happening online and explains what caused them. Iris can look at Nike’s Kaepernick ad or Apple’s new iPhone launch and can instantly determine the specific tweets, videos, links or news articles that caused conversation to grow.

Once detected, Iris analyzes historical data to see if those drivers are new. In doing so, Iris recognizes what demands online attention and how certain social audiences rally around particular messages and content. It analyzes a myriad of different data types and immediately provides a simple analysis of viral online moments. This saves users crucial time allowing marketers to better refine timely strategies to achieve and harness these moments.

This innovation, built into Brandwatch Analytics, is unique within the social intelligence market, but it is also unique within Brandwatch. Iris has the benefit of being the first feature to come from the newly merged Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon product team, receiving its collective input and perspective.

“Data analysis shouldn’t be stuck in a silo with one person or team; anyone within your organisation who needs to make smarter decisions should be able to access up-to-date insights about your brand, markets and customers. That’s why we’ve built Iris,” said Rebecca Carson, Chief Product Officer at Brandwatch.

“Iris can help anyone discover insights in their data quickly. It automatically detects any significant changes in online conversation, then uses AI to find the underlying root cause of the trend and surfaces it to you in seconds. Iris will help novice users get up to speed quickly and help our expert users improve their analysis, discovering new trends and issues that would previously have been undetectable to the human eye. We can’t wait to see how our customers use Iris, and learn from this to make it smarter and smarter over time.”

Iris is immediately available for all Brandwatch customers at no extra cost, providing their social listening professionals with the means to speed up the process and value of discovering social data insights.

Source: Brandwatch

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