Wowcher rolls out integrated flight pricing technology for travel deals to enhance customer experience

Deals site, Wowcher, has announced a roll out of integrated flight pricing and booking technology, allowing customers to select flight times and dates suitable to them within the Wowcher site. The flight integration signals Wowcher’s commitment to providing hassle-free, end-to-end booking experiences.

Wowcher customers who had previously purchased a travel deal, including flights, were required to contact the merchant to redeem or amend flight times and dates.

Now, in addition to having the added flexibility of selecting flight dates and times on the Wowcher site, customers can also enter their passport details at checkout; adding another layer of ease. The impact of the new integration means that customers can simply book their holiday and not have to worry about anything else.

Founded in 2011, the company has over 20 million subscribers and this new feature will allow more travel businesses to utilise the large subscriber base as it can now accommodate those that don’t have the capacity to accept calls for customers to redeem.

On the integration, General Manager – Travel, Paul Constable, commented: “This is the first of many innovations that we’re launching in 2019, to make the Wowcher experience even better for our customers. As we are continuously looking to improve our user journey, we invested months of resource from our tech team to build and deliver this new feature. As well as improving the user interface, this new feature will make the process for our travel partners more seamless, with instant booking negating the need for customers to call up and redeem deals.”

“The new feature will also allow us to work with new providers who don’t have the infrastructure for customers to redeem directly with them. In addition, this will allow us to provide richer deals and content for our customers. Our travel category continues to be incredibly popular and we are confident this feature will support both Wowcher and our partners in continued growth over the coming year, and drive the success of our brand,” added Paul.

Source: Wowcher

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