Tinder Asks Users to ‘Swipe the Vote’

tinder-swipe-the-voteTinder has launched ‘Swipe the Vote’, an in-app experience created in partnership with non-profit organisation Rock the Vote, intended to activate voters for the impending US election.

The dating app will present users with a simple poll, created using polling platform Wedgies, which asks them to swipe left or right on seven key issues, and to pick the candidate they intend to vote for. They will then be matched with one of the two candidates based on their answers, in order to show whether their views align with their intentions,

At the end of the experience, US users will be given the option to locate their closest polling station.

‘Swipe the Vote’ isn’t limited to the US, however – it will also be available in 14 other countries, including the UK, Australia, Japan and Russia.

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

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