Swrve and KeyPoint partnership yields 248 per cent growth in monthly app usage

Swrve, a real-time customer engagement platform, has helped KeyPoint, a Silicon Valley-based full-service, not-for-profit credit union, achieve 248 per cent growth in monthly app usage, prompting both companies to further expand their partnership. Swrve helped KeyPoint achieved such growth by sending hyper-relevant push notifications, launching geo-triggered campaigns, and sending detailed in-app messages.

With the help of Swrve, KeyPoint saw a 34 per cent increase in payment feature usage, a 17 per cent increase in the money transfer feature, and a 17 per cent increase in the account detail feature. Overall, KeyPoint experienced a 20 per cent growth in monthly active users, a 29 per cent increase in day 20 app retention, and a 10 per cent increase in multiple app opens per week.

“We’ve found great success using Swrve in our campaigns,” said David Greene, marketing manager at KeyPoint Credit Union. “We’ve asked Swrve to elevate KeyPoint member experiences on mobile, and they’ve done exactly that. I’m excited to take our use of Swrve to the next level by incorporating more location-based campaigns that will be totally personalized to our members. We’ll deliver even more value exactly when it’s most relevant to them.”

“KeyPoint Credit Union was able to drastically increase app engagement and retention rates by incorporating Swrve’s marketing and customer experience platform into its messaging strategy,” said Tom Aitchison, CEO of Swrve. “KeyPoint Credit Union have demonstrated the potential for financial institutions to offer each customer unique, real-time value by optimizing the relevance of their app’s user experience in real time.”

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

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