Socialbakers adds vital ads transparency and control tools to its platform

Socialbakers, the unified marketing platform for enterprise brands, announced it is enhancing its marketing solutions to include paid social media oversight and control across multiple ad accounts with the introduction of Socialbakers Paid Analytics

As brands are shifting more budget to social media advertising, it becomes paramount that the budget owners gain a clear understanding of their advertising investment. Currently, the process is plagued with inefficiencies – from the lack of insight into multiple ad accounts, managed across regions and teams, to the insecure way data is stored and shared between stakeholders.  

“Lack of clarity, transparency, and no oversight of budget allocation across channels or results are currently costing marketers their budgets,” said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CEO, Socialbakers. “Digital spending will continue to skyrocket, while the marketing teams that are unable to properly manage their spend will see their costs rise and results diminish. It’s a critical time, and we’re committed to helping brands overcome this difficult challenge.”

Socialbakers Paid Analytics empowers marketers to:

  • Gain a clear, unified view of ad spending – Accurate, reliable analysis of all ad account spend performance provides the ability to track ROI and avoid unnecessary budget waste. Insights can be accessed and shared easily so teams can have a clear focus on ads performance and budget allocation. 
  • Effortlessly benchmark multiple ad accounts in context – Gaining critical insights into multiple ad account performance is now easy and instant, but even more vital is the ability to benchmark each ad account across regions or industries based on reliable up-to-date data accessible directly on the Socialbakers platform.  
  • Align agencies on spending priorities – Paid Analytics ensures that brands and agencies are always on the same page when it comes to ad spending and budget priorities. 
  • Toughen ads data security Complicated sharing permissions between all stakeholders have been streamlined and optimized to minimize the risk of data being accessed by the wrong people.
  • Streamline team collaboration – With Paid Analytics, businesses, their regional teams and agencies can collaborate in a fully transparent, secure ads environment helpings teams focus and align on objectives. 

Socialbakers Paid Analytics is available now as part of the Socialbakers platform.

Source: Socialbakers

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