Safeguard Philippines Goes Mobile Interactive and Launches AR App

Safeguard Philippines goes full interactive as the soap brand takes it marketing game a notch higher with augmented reality (AR). Showing that it’s serious about digitising its marketing campaigns, the nation’s number one soap brand launches its first-ever AR video application through

A free augmented reality and customisable video app for smartphones, Fuse It enables mobile users to be a star in their own music video together with the virtual version of celebrity actor Alden Richards. They can sing along, lip sync and dance side-by-side with their idol to the tune of “I Wash It That Way”. A creative spin of a Backstreet Boys hit, “I Wash It That Way” mixes pop music and information about the threat of #HANGINfection– a word play on the word hangin which means air in Filipino, and infection.

With Fuse It, you can be Alden’s co-star as you create their own music videos and share them on their social media pages.

“At Safeguard, we continuously evolve how we connect with our audience, by understanding what keeps people engaged – from trends to new technologies. We started the conversation about #HANGINfection through a talk-worthy online video. As AR continues to gain ground, Safeguard is partnering with Fuse.It, now allowing people to create their personal and shareable AR videos in just a few taps – and redefining how the brand, people, and pop culture come together,” says Alex Vogler, Associate Director, Digital Transformation & Brand Communications for Procter & Gamble’s Beauty Division in Asia Pacific.

The goal with Fuse It is to provide an interactive consumer experience with the fusion of real-world elements, a virtual celebrity, and an educational jingle that teaches mobile users about #HANGINfection. Through this initiative, Safeguard Philippines is proving that creating public awareness can be done in a contemporary and creative way.

Since its launch last May 15, videos made with the Fuse It app has gathered over a million views across Facebook, Twitter and, Instagram. Customise your own music video with Alden Richards and share it online.

Together, let’s continue spreading awareness about #HANGINfection by watching and sharing the music video on Safeguard’s Facebook and  YouTube.

Source: Safeguard Philippines 

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