Punch! partners with Cyance to deliver personalised marketing campaigns

Cyance, a multi-award winning B2B customer behaviour technology company, has announced a partnership with Punch!, an account-based marketing agency. The relationship sees Punch! deploying the Cyance Nexus predictive marketing platform to support highly targeted and personalised marketing campaigns for their clients.

The Nexus Behaviour Based Marketing Platform uses predictive analytics and machine learning technology to pick up on the buying behaviours and intent signals that companies are displaying online. Nexus helps to pinpoint which companies are in an active buying journey and what they are interested in at any given time.

By using Nexus, Punch! has the ability to track future customers, identify when they are ready to buy, and market to them with highly creative and unique personalised campaigns.  For example, a recent Punch! initiative was themed around Sherlock Holmes.  A letter with invisible ink accompanied by a UV torch was sent to prospects encouraging them to ‘crack the code’, meanwhile, personalised videos from Sherlock Holmes himself were sent out to each target contact. Humanising B2B through this type of account-based marketing (ABM) approach is something that Punch! is passionate about.

James Snider, Sales & Marketing Director, Punch! says, “Punch! is an ABM services agency – we are committed to using an ABM approach because we see this as the most effective way to deliver highly personalised, successful marketing campaigns for our clients. ABM is all about targeting valuable accounts that meet your ideal customer profile and are expressing the most buying intent.

To make this work you need the right data. Cyance’s Nexus platform integrates with this approach; it recognises customer’s pain points and picks up on their buying signals, helping us to identify a buying window of opportunity. Since working with Cyance, we’ve been able to create really memorable and exciting campaigns for our customers because of this ground-breaking software.”

Steve Russell, Senior VP Alliances at Cyance, says: “We take ABM and transform this to behaviour-based marketing (BBM) by using predictive analytics to target customers with pinpoint accuracy, hyper-relevant messaging and all in real-time. Punch! excel in delivering unique customer campaigns for their clients because they can accurately determine the most appropriate audience and when they are ready to buy. Rather than using a scatter gun approach, they use our Nexus platform to focus on the customers who are ‘in market’, and in this way, they can provide a highly personalised and successful campaign.”

Source: Cyance

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